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Appian design electronic circuits, from the simple to the complex. We are happy to help at any stage of this process from developing the full item, reviewing your design or simply providing advice no matter how small or large your project is. We provide a vast range of skills including: Schematic design and PCB layouts Analogue, digital and high speed digital design Single and multi-core processors      Power electronics and RF transmission


Field Programmable Gate Arrays contain an array of programmable logic blocks and reconfigurable interconnects.  This allows the blocks to be configured and wired together to perform complex combinational functions.      Appian has expertise in coding and testing FPGA designs, using devices from all of the market leading manufactures of these devices.          Appian has developed FPGA designs for data processing, high speed interfaces, system control and video manipulation.

Prototype and Test

Once the initial design is complete or a section of the design is finished, Appian will build prototypes ready for test and integration. Integrating and testing all the elements of the design is as important as the design itself. Modern systems are getting more and more complex and as such, the level of testing required is increasing too. Updates from testing are fed back into the design. Depending on the complexity of the design, this may result in further prototyping or may move straight to manufacture.


The majority of systems today, even the most basic are likely to have a microprocessor or two embedded within it.      One of Appian’s core competencies is embedded software. C, C++, C# Embedded Linux Android Windows, Windows CE Java, QT and cross-platform application frameworks

Circuit Board Supply and Component Sourcing

Appian can supply your finished circuit boards using a number of our trusted contract manufacturing partners.      Boards will be of high quality and certified to IPC and ISO 9001:2008 standards, meeting the requirements of WEEE and RoSH.       Using links to various component suppliers, Appian can source parts at component level and locate hard to find and obsolete parts to keep your older product alive.


Appian knows that the look and feel of a product is as important as the function it is required to perform. By considering the design as a whole and integrating the electronic and mechanical design elements from the start, we can produce superior systems. Utilising a number of design partners, Appian can design custom enclosures and have them manufactured in a range of materials. We design parts for injection moulding, machining or welding. The design will be tailored to the requirements matching cost, quantity and functionality as well as meeting the EMC and environmental needs.

Research, Requirements Capture and Systems Architecture

Maybe you are not ready to start your new design idea and are looking for front end research or a top level systems architecture. Appian's engineers have vast experience in researching and analysing ways to turn your ideas into possible solutions. We can also create a full set of systems requirements to ensure every tiny detail has been captured prior to developing your product.

complete systems solutions

Circuit Board Design

Appian can create your circuit board design from the simple to the complex.

Embedded Software

We design, code and test the embedded software for your product.

FPGA Design

Appian offers FPGA design, one of the skill less often covered by electronics designers .

Supply Chain

Appian can supply your finished circuit boards as well as sourcing components.

The Design Process

The whole process will be managed to ensure the success of the project. Working from a clear set of requirements will enable the team to design and develop your product exactly as you want it.

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  • Design

  • Prototype & Test

  • Improve & Update

  • Qualify

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